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Torraspapel - Grupo Lecta

Swift validation and efficient management

Torraspapel was looking for a flexible service with enough parameterisation capacity to be able to accredit over 440 companies at the 9 locations it has in Spain. Finally, they chose dokify as the best platform to manage requirements and document exchange with contractors at all their work centres simultaneously, for which we validated nearly 20,000 documents, registering over 751 companies in a short period of time. In addition to our document validation service, Torraspapel uses access control on our platform.

Leroy Merlin

Access control with fingerprints

Leroy Merlin needed a solution for access control at their work centres. With high personnel turnover and without a figure to control access, we needed to develop a fast and efficient system to sort out these two factors. We have created a fingerprint reading system which ensures real time compliance of all requirements, without having to employ physical personnel for monitoring.

Compañía Logística de Hidrocarburos

Monitoring of project progress and management

CLH needed a way to easily configure and manage the large volume of projects and users. Using the projects module, CLH can manage a large number of projects with dokify, collaborating with the different companies and employees that take part in them. It also allows them to follow the progress of the project and check any relevant information at a glance.

Alcampo - Auchan Retail

Improvement in the process of document exchange with contractors of Alcampo

Since dokify is a digital and online platform, we have launched the digitalisation of Alcampo's document exchange with suppliers and contractors. In addition to the savings in daily printing of paper listings, Alcampo has managed to take control of the monitoring and registration of each external worker and the hours they worked in real time. To respond to emergencies without risk, we have set up an urgent validation system that accredits external workers in less than one hour. Even though Alcampo already had an external tool, with the implementation of dokify we managed to improve its business coordination, streamlining it and minimising the cost of each process.


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