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  • In recent years, the market has been filled with applications that manage the document exchange with suppliers and contractors in a local and independent manner, and this situation is causing a big inefficiency problem. Furthermore, these platforms are designed from the perspective of the main company, and ease of use by the contractors has not been a central criterion in their development.
  • Each company has its own application or uses a customised solution that forces its suppliers to upload the same documentation over and over, which needs to be reviewed separately by each client. These platforms are not user friendly and not sufficiently intuitive make compliance difficult and increase the need for queries.
  • These inefficiencies have a high cost, both for the main company, and for the contracted and subcontracted companies.


  • Dokify designs a platform with a new vision for our collaborative network, with the aim of offering solutions for the main company as well as for the contractors and subcontractors.
  • We have created a collaborative network of companies; each one of them can establish requirements for their contracts and attach documentation required by their clients. Common documents requested by various companies are attached and validated only once, reducing costs for all.
  • With dokify everything is very easy, our technology makes working more efficient for all the companies in our collaborative network. We minimise response times, thus optimising the management of business activities.

What makes us different gives you benefits


You will see your organisational structure faithfully reflected on our platform. We automate your procedures to eliminate any unproductive manual management of documents, as dokify asks your suppliers for specific documents depending on the type of company and the work they do for you.


Our solution lends support, both external and internal, for the efficient management of requirements, and is parameterised for compliance with legislative requirements of different sectors and countries.

Collaborative network of companies

Dokify creates a collaborative network of companies, common documents are attached and validated only once, official documents are automatically attached and validated, connections with other platforms minimise the burden of management. Each day new companies register with dokify, increasing the efficiency of the network.

More intuitive interface

Dokify is the easiest to use and most intuitive platform on the market for the document exchange with suppliers and contractors, so as to make compliance very easy. We minimise the need for training and time lost in consulting, eliminating costs for all.

Easier implementation and management

Computerising document exchange with suppliers and contractors can be a difficult task, the workload of manual management hardly leaves any resources for a new project. However, dokify makes it viable and frees you from the burden of implementation.

All dokify for you

You have modules such as projects, the geolocation of employees or offices, or the reports module, with the capacity to generate customised reports.

Adaptation and innovation

All dokify personnel are exclusively dedicated to this project; with a heavy investment in innovation, 40% of the people working at dokify are focused on R&D&I. Practically every day we implement improvements in our solutions.

Access and presence control

If you use access control, the system will practically work on its own. Combined with presence monitoring, it allows you to find out the service provision times of your external companies in detail.


At dokify, we are a very diverse team with a single objective

Make your job easier. As developers, designers, marketing professionals, trainers, and support and implementation consultants, we work together to simplify your work.

We are experts in Occupational Risk Prevention and document exchange for requirements management and compliance. Our experience has led us to create a collaborative network of companies that eliminates the unproductive workload caused by document exchange with suppliers and contractors, and prevents any unnecessary cost overruns. We have managed to provide solutions for companies and contractors that are already focusing on the part of their work that really matters. We are dokify!

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Number of items Annual fee Fee per item
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Over 60 items 384,05 € 5,54 €

VAT and document validation fees not included, that may apply in the case dokify provides this service.

Your Premium Licence = Annual fee + (5,54 € x Number of items)

Maximum 3 items
Annual fee: 66,53 €
Small company
4 to 20 items
Annual fee: 165,31 €
Medium-sized company
21 to 60 items
Annual fee: 274,18 €
Large company
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Annual fee: 384,05 €

VAT and document validation fees not included, that may apply in the case dokify provides this service.

Number of items = number of employees and machines at your company.