Terms and conditions

  1. Identification

    Titular: Almaglobal S.L.U. (hereinafter “AlmaGlobal” or “dokify” as appropriate)
    Registered address: Calle Aguacate 56 3ºE, 28054 Madrid.
    VAT Registration Number: B86311693
    Public Register: Registered with the Mercantile Registry of Madrid, Volume: 29387, Book: 0, Folio 99, Section 8, Page: M 528963 Registration or annotation: 1/Date 25/NOV/2011
    Telephone and Fax: 918 38 80 49
    Email: legal@dokify.es

  2. Object

    With this agreement, the contracting conditions applicable to all users registered in the document management platform called dokify are established with regard to the different contracting plans available (you can access the contracting modalities through the following link).

    These conditions will not be directly applicable to users registered through the procedures governed by specific conditions expressly set out in the contract to provide services signed between the parties, notwithstanding that these conditions may be applied in a subsidiary form.

    Since dokify makes software as a service (SaaS) available to the user, a series of associated services considered essential for its proper functioning are expressly included alongside the platform service, which will in any case be expressly set out in this contract.

    All services related to parameterisation, customisation and/or integration with third-party tools, are expressly excluded from this contract, and shall be subject, if necessary, to special conditions agreed between the parties.

    Dokify reserves the right to modify these conditions, without prior express acceptance by the user being a prerequisite, provided that the amendment does not substantially affect the essential conditions of this contract. However, if the user does not accept these conditions, they can automatically unsubscribe without any right to any refund.

  3. Modalities and contracting plans

    Dokify offers its users three ways of contracting their platform, in order to adapt fully to the particular needs of each user.

    The current registration procedures are available to users at thefollowing link, they are constantly being updated by dokify in order to adapt them to the specific needs of the market and our clients.

    In all cases, the conditions and rates that apply to each user will be current at the time of user registration. If the conditions are modified during the term of the contract, the change will not affect the relationship with the user, since these changes are applicable only if the user renews the contract after the end of the same.

  4. Prior information applicable to electronic trading

    Law 34/2002 of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, contracts agreed electronically have the full effects provided by law, provided that there is consent of both parties and this can be accredited.

    For this purpose, it shall be understood that monitoring of all phases of the registration process and, where applicable, the payment of the corresponding sum of money, necessarily involves the provision of consent required for contracting.

    Similarly, and taking into account the provisions of Article 27 of Law 34/2002 on information society and electronic commerce, all information relating to it is available to users, prior to the commencement of the contracting procedure:

    • Registration and validation procedure on the platform

      The registration procedure on the platform requires the user to access the following link (subject to specific contracting conditions, and where appropriate, negotiation between the parties), where you must select the plan that best suits your needs, taking into account the features included and the financial terms for each one. Likewise, in certain cases, the plans may be subject to specific contracting conditions, when such circumstance is indicated by dokify.

      After selecting the desired plan, the system will request the identification of the company (corporate name of the organisation and contact email of the user responsible for registering the company) as well as the reasons for wanting to register on the platform; it is also necessary to accept terms and conditions and the associated privacy policy. In no case will it be possible to register as a user, without previously expressly accepting the terms and conditions.

      For security and confidentiality reasons and to ensure that members of the network of companies have been previously validated by a member of the same, the process of validating a new user must be performed by a previously validated organisation and user of the platform (main contract). The formal procedure is as follows:

      1. 1) The entity already validated on the platform must send an invitation to new users, so the registration process can be completed.

      2. 2) Once an invitation is sent, the platform will automatically send an email with a link to complete the registration process.

      3. 3) After completing the required additional data, the user can start using the platform, enjoying the functionality specifically included in the selected plan.

      4. (4) Once submitted by the main contract the data of the companies sub-contracted by them that must use the dokify service to exchange with the main company or contracted ones the documents relating to their workers, in compliance with applicable regulations in force, all these companies will receive an email from the dokify platform along with a username and password. By means of that username and password subcontractors can access dokify to complete their company profile, indicating their company data, the number of workers and other items required by current regulations. Once completed, they may only be seen by the company itself and it is not possible to attach supporting documentation relating to compliance with obligations, and in no case share with the general contractor or other subcontractors legally required documentation, until that registration on the platform is completed and the conditions and associated privacy policy have been accepted. In no case will it be possible to request registration as a user, if these conditions have not previously been accepted.

    • Pegistration and contracting procedure

      Once the user has accessed the dokify platform using their username and password and has filled in all of their company file and any items associated with it, in order to be able to attach the official documentation certifying compliance with current regulations, as well as to start sharing this documentation with the contractor and other subcontractors that are legally pertinent, it is necessary to accept these conditions of use and registration, as well as the related privacy policy, and to make the payment for the amount corresponding to the service contracted (contracting modalities can be accessed through the following link).

      The total sum for contracting the service may vary depending on the contracted plan, as well as in relation to a number of factors, such as number of employees, type of business or type of preventive modality, among others, so prices will vary from one user to another, without prejudice to the fact that they may be the same.

      The contracting procedure for types of contracts not subject to special conditions, is quick and simple and fully electronic, carried out centrally from the private area of the dokify platform itself.

      In this way, the user, once they have accessed the platform using their username and password, only needs to press the button on the top, right which says "Paypal: Hire the Package".

      The system automatically displays a screen that describes the type of contract with the following data:

      1. Price without tax
      2. VAT
      3. Full Price

      Once all the data has been entered, the user must access the contract conditions, in order to analyse them, and then accept them by marking the appropriate box. Under no circumstances will it be possible to continue the contracting process, if the box accepting contract conditions is not ticked.

      Upon acceptance, the user must press the "Continue with payment" button that will automatically redirect them to the secure payment gateway, which is provided in all cases by a trusted financial institution that ensures secure payment.

      In any event, the payment gateway will be under an SSL protocol (https: //) and will be hosted on third party servers, so we will never have access to your credit card data. Once payment is made by the electronic means specified, the system automatically, and at most, within 24 hours, send the user an email in which all information relating to their purchase will be displayed. This document is the confirmation that the contract has been completed successfully, serving as accreditation for any claim.

      Should you not receive an email check your "spam" or "antispam" folder, because the email may have been detected as spam by your mail server, if you do not find it, please notify us as soon as possible so that we can solve the problem.

      Similarly, once payment is made, the dokify platform will automatically allow the company to begin to attach documents and share these with the contractors and the other legally appropriate companies.

      We advise that the electronic document accepted by the user will be filed associated with their IP address and exact time of contracting the service. Similarly, the user can modify their contract data at any time from their private user area.

      Finally, this agreement will be concluded, unless otherwise indicated, in Spanish.

  5. Basic services of dokify

    Below there is a list of each and every one of dokify services available to the user through the dokify platform, as well as the nature and scope of these.

    All services described below are considered essential to ensure the proper functioning of the platform.

    Similarly, there are a number of additional services available to users, which can be contracted independently according to the needs of each. These services are expressly excluded from the main price of the dokify service.

    For the correct operation of the dokify web application it is necessary to use an updated web browser. In principle, any commercial browser is valid, but Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are advisable for optimal operation of the application. Computer hardware should meet the following minimum requirements: Pentium III 500 MHz or higher (recommended Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or higher or any AMD64/Intel EM64T processor), physical RAM of 512 MB (recommended 2 GB or more), 800x600 screen resolution (1024x768 or higher is recommended). An internet broadband connection is also required.

    • Plataform activation

      Because the platform is available to the user in service mode after online registration and payment, if appropriate, of the corresponding monetary amount, dokify will activate the platform, directly assigning user roles and means of identification in a timely manner (username and password) so the user may use it safely and in a completely personal manner.

      The following are part of the platform activation phase:

      1. User Registration: the user will be registered and their account will be created in the name of the company within the platform.
      2. User Registration and Role Assignment: only those users expressly indicated by the user will be registered as authorised users.

      These actions will be directly performed by the user or if appropriate automatically by the platform itself.

    • Emission of user and passwords

      Once they are registered, all users dependent on the main user shall receive their username and password, which are essential for accessing the platform. This measure, combined with other technological measures of the platform and the entity that manages it, guarantee the security and integrity of all access to the service and information associated with it.

      In all cases, the issue of access data will be made by dokify, and these will be issued for each of the authorised users of the platform and will be personal and non-transferable, since they will be the keys to access the platform.

      In all cases, each user must assume responsibility and act diligently regarding the use and conservation of their password. Under no circumstances, can a private key be made known to anyone, being solely known to the certificate holder. In all cases, the password provided may be modified by the user, and the user must be the only one who knows the login details.

    • Platform housing and the information

      With the purpose of providing greater quality, availability and level of service the platform is physically hosted on servers that are the property of Google Cloud Platform located in the territory of the European Union, with whom AlmaGlobal has the corresponding contract for hosting services, being in any case subject to the instructions set contractually by AlmaGlobal, and said information is subject to maximum levels of security, integrity and confidentiality in accordance with current regulations.

      The hosting service is limited to 256 Mb per user account, regardless of whether this capacity may be expanded through the dokifyBox additional service.

    • Backup service

      The information hosted on the platform, including databases, undergoes at least one process of daily backup allowing recovery of the information that has been housed on the platform up to the moment of backup.

      Thus, by means of the present addendum, Almaglobal guarantees the user that it will make available to them once a year, without additional charge, a copy of the information hosted by the user on the platform. However the user can request any backups they deem appropriate after payment of the corresponding sum of money.

    • Maintenance service

      Contracting platform services ensures the user need not carry out any maintenance work on their part of the platform, and can focus solely on managing their documents, since all maintenance and services of a technical nature will be performed exclusively and centrally by dokify.

      Maintenance tasks shall take place both on the infrastructure on which the service (servers, connectivity, etc.) is provided, and on the software itself that forms the platform, including improvements and new features solely determined by dokify; customisations or enhancements specifically requested by users are not included in these tasks.

      In all cases, maintenance tasks that could cause the user access problems, will be preferably carried out in the early morning hours, being in any case scheduled at least 15 days in advance, except in cases of force majeure, in which they will be carried out as soon as possible.

      Unless otherwise specified, maintenance services do not include, among others, registration of new users, registration of new partner companies and the start-up of new machinery or workers.

    • New releases

      Dokify undertakes to make updates and improvements on the platform, publishing new versions periodically.

      These versions will involve the inclusion of additional features considered by dokify of importance to users.

      However, users will not be entitled to call for the publication of such versions at any time, dokify being solely responsible for determining the exact timing and scope thereof.

    • Provision of information

      In the event of contract termination or discharge, dokify undertakes to make available to the user, within a maximum period of 30 working days, all the information and documentation lodged by them on the platform during the period of use of said platform.

      The provision of documentation will in all cases be in an interoperable and widely used format (CSV, XML ...) and can later be imported to other platforms by the user.

      Dokify is not responsible for the fact that the system used by the user does not meet international standards of interoperability, and does not intervene in tasks of subsequent implementation and integration necessary for the proper functioning of information on other platforms.

      This service will be available only in the indicated contracting systems that are accessible through the following link).

    • User attention service and technical service

      Dokify provides the user with a customer service and technical assistance service in accordance with the following characteristics:

      Hours: Monday to Friday from 08h to 16h throughout the year. Means: through telephone customer service published on the website of the platform and via email soporte@dokify.net.

      AlmaGlobal S.L.U. professionals, with proven experience in the field of document management and completely familiar with the tool will be responsible for answering all inquiries, and resolving all issues and incidents that users may pose, accompanying them at all times during the process until the query, consultation or incident is resolved.

      User service will be exclusively provided in Spanish and English, without prejudice to the fact that dokify may make other languages available to users.

    • Complementary or additional services by dokify

      Additional services include all those considered complementary or not essential to the proper functioning of the service provided by dokify. All complementary services, included or not in this section must be contracted independently by the user, and it is necessary to pay an additional amount for them which shall be determined by dokify.

      Dokify reserves the right that supplementary or additional services made available to the user for the user to contract can be directly provided and contracted by third parties.

      If additional services are no longer provided by dokify, and are provided and invoiced by a third party, dokify agrees to notify the user 30 days in advance.

      However, if a user requires additional services not included in this contract, they can order them from dokify so that they are provided with the same, either directly or through third parties.

    • User obligations

      The user, by signing this contract, agrees to the following:

      • - Not to use the platform or any of the items that it features, to develop timeshare operations, become a service provider of software applications to the extent that they would be aimed at making third party access to the platform possible, or any of its components, through rental operations, administrative services or any other similar considerations, sharing or making them available to third parties.
      • - Not to subject the platform or any of its items, to activities that lead directly or indirectly to the decompilation of software, involving submission to operations contrary to the nature determined in its construction or, ultimately, can or may constitute regressive or reverse engineering, decompiling or disassembly, operations. None of the paragraphs of this contract shall be construed as authorisation to access the source code of the platform.
      • - Not to publish the platform, or use it as a management system and/or for exchange of information and/or illegal documentation, contrary to morality or public order, contrary to copyright and/or industrial property law enforcement.
      • - The platform must not be subject to workloads that are clearly aimed at destabilisation of the same, amongst which are denial of service attacks (DDoS) or similar situations. If such situations are detected, the level of service above will not be implemented, since this will be considered an emergency situation.
      • - Not to perform any act of reverse engineering, taking of requirements and other activities aimed at developing an online platform identical or similar to that provided by dokify, since this activity can be considered as an act of unfair competition and violation of the intellectual and industrial property rights that dokify holds for the platform.
      • - Not to translate, adapt, improve, transform, or correct the platform, or any of the items that integrate or modify it in any other way, not to incorporate the platform to other software or proprietary platforms or those provided by third parties.
      • - Not to remove, delete, alter, manipulate or in any way modify those notes, legends, indications or symbols which dokify, as the legitimate holder of the rights, incorporates into its properties with respect to intellectual or industrial property rights (such as copyright, © , ® and TM, etc.) either on the platform itself or in the associated material.
      • - Pay the sums of money expressly indicated in this contract in a timely fashion.
      • - Inform dokify of any event or situation that has occurred that could jeopardise the security of access by authorised users.
      • - Forcing failures or searching for security leaks in the platform is prohibited.

  6. Intellectual and industrial property

    At dokify we are deeply committed to the protection of intellectual property rights. That is why we have established the following conditions and policies:

    • Relative to the online platform

      AlmaGlobal SLU assures the user that it is the rightful owner of the platform and it is not involved in any legal dispute prior to the signing of this contract.

      The user expressly acknowledges that dokify holds all right, title and interest in the platform under this contract, as well as all its modules, modifications and updates and any item and/or functionality that was developed on the same, regardless of whether this has been requested by the user or not.

      For this purpose, the recognition of ownership by dokify of all copyright, intellectual and/or industrial property, is included without limitation, so that it can exploit the platform, without restrictions of a temporary or territorial nature, or regarding media dissemination or modes of operation with no other restrictions than those established by law.

      The structure, features, codes, working methods, information systems and exchanges thereof, development tools, know-how, methodologies, processes, technologies or algorithms that constitute and/or could be part of the platform are the exclusive property of dokify; they are duly protected by national and international intellectual property and/or industry laws and cannot be subsequently modified, copied, altered, reproduced, adapted or translated by the user, without prior express consent by dokify.

      Similarly, all manuals, texts, drawings, graphics and databases, complementing the platform and/or its associated materials, are the property of dokify, and cannot be subsequently modified, copied, altered, reproduced, adapted or translated by the user.

      The provision of platform services or mere access by the user to the same does not imply, in any case, the assignment of ownership, or the granting of a right of use in favour of the user other than that expressed in these conditions. In order that the user can use the platform, which is the exclusive property of dokify, dokify assigns the user a licence under this contract which has the following characteristics:

      • - Non-exclusive
      • - Time range limited to the duration of this contract
      • - Spatial environment is unlimited as long as this can be accessed from any Internet connection
      • - Non-transferable
      • - Revocable
      • - Non-sublicensing

      In all cases, any reproduction, imitation, transmission, translation, modification, preparation of derivative works and/or public communication, regardless of the means used for it is absolutely prohibited, and the offender is directly and indirectly liable in all cases.

      Similarly, dokify is expressly authorised by the user to use the logos, trademarks and trade names of their company, which can be used both on the dokify the website, as in advertising material and/or promotional services, regardless of format. For any aspect not expressly addressed in this Agreement it shall be understood that rights are reserved by dokify, and written authorisation by dokify is necessary to make use of the same.

    • Relative to user content

      All content and information posted by users on dokify are their exclusive property; dokify is a mere provider of services of the information society in charge of data storage.

      Dokify does not receive any intellectual property rights due to the fact that the user hosts information on the dokify platform, so that in no case shall this information be treated for purposes other than those directly related to the provision of document management under this contract.

    • Infringement notifications

      The user can communicate any violation of rights to the email address soporte@dokify.net. For this, the user must include in the message or notification the following:

      • - Identification of the content that allegedly infringes intellectual property rights.
      • - Identification of the claimant, as holder of a right or affected person or, if appropriate, as legitimate representative with sufficient powers.
      • - Clearly identify valid forms of contact so that we can contact the complainant.
      • - Duly provide proof of your identity by means of an appropriate official document (National Identity Document or Passport)
      • - Provide a sworn statement stating the veracity of the information included in the claim, as well as accreditation proving the legitimate owner of the rights or, where appropriate, having the rights of representation.

  7. Conditions of no competence

    The user expressly agrees to not carry out, either directly or on behalf of third parties, development and/or improvement of a document management platform that includes features and/or technologies that are expressly provided and/or contained in the platform under this contract, as this act would be considered an act of unfair competition contrary to current legislation, and fully liable to the consequences arising from such acts.

    Similarly, the user agrees that once the contractual relationship is ended, said user shall comply with the non-competition commitment that will extend over the next two years from the termination of this contract, and cannot sell and/or promote technological solutions that can enter directly or indirectly into competition with the platform under this contract, otherwise it will be considered that in addition to violating this obligation, it shall entail a serious breach of the principles of good faith that should govern any contractual relationship.

    For this purpose, it shall be understood that this obligation has been breached if the developed platform allows the exchange of documentation and/or information between companies.

  8. Temporary conditions

    The service contract will last 12 months from the time of registration, and will be automatically renewed for equal periods, provided the user has not indicated that they wish to terminate it at least 15 days prior to the date of termination.

    In all cases the platform will automatically notify users 30 days before the expiration date of the need to renew the service, for which in all cases the corresponding payment will be requuired through the payment gateway available to the user.

  9. Economic conditions

    In payment for access and use of the platform, the user agrees to pay to dokify the amount indicated in the payment process.

    The sum shown will be different in each case, since it is calculated based on a number of parameters and variables such as the type of business, number of employees, machines, prevention systems, and other items associated with the user account. The platform will automatically calculate the final price of the platform and display it on the screen. The sum shown by the platform is the final amount payable for a contract with dokify for a period of 365 days.

    Payment of the sum indicated in any case must be made through a single payment via the secure payment gateway, provided if appropriate by a bank that guarantees the security and confidentiality of all financial information processed. If appropriate, the payment process is performed outside dokify servers and is a completely direct bilateral relationship between the user and the bank responsible for the payment platform, so that under no circumstances will dokify have access to bank data.

    During the process of online contracting, the platform will show before and during the process of payment of the contracted services, a disaggregated price of the same, next to the Value Added Tax. Once a sum is paid through the payment gateway, dokify shall automatically send within a maximum period of 24 hours an email to the user address, with the summary of the contracted services, including with the same the corresponding electronic invoice.

    If the user has contracted "Additional Services" under these conditions, they will be billed separately to the services for the use of the dokify platform. All our services will be reviewed quarterly, and any additional amounts will be invoiced immediately. In this regard, both parties agree that if the user has indicated particular business characteristics, and later contracts additional items, their use of services shall automatically be unified in order to issue a single invoice and receive a single payment for services rendered.

    All sums pertaining to this contract will be duly updated according to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in force at the time of renewal of the contract, notwithstanding the fact that this may change without coinciding with the calendar year. Similarly, this update will take place only if it is positive and under no circumstances when it involves a reduction in the amount initially agreed between the parties.

  10. Right to withdraw from the contract

    In accordance with Article 103 of Royal Decree 1/2007 of 16 November, approving the revised text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, and provisions in Law 7/1996 of the Retail Trade, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised in cases where the product or service provided be customised according to user needs.

    Dokify understands that the application on request of dokify’s document management and exchange service, insofar as it is the user who requests a user number, type of service and whose consumption is immediate from the moment of payment thereof means that said user cannot exercise the right of withdrawal expressly provided for in current legislation, since the service is fully customised. Similarly, those services considered additional services that are available to users, are expressly excluded from this right for the same reason.

    If a user decides to terminate their account prior to the completion of the contracted term (1 year), and if such a request is made after 14 calendar days from the time of the contract, dokify will not return any monetary amount whatsoever. If the cancellation is made within 14 calendar days, it will proceed with the proportional financial compensation for those days of service used, provided that there has been no exchange of documents with the main contractors. The corresponding payment will be made in any case by compensation to the account or card of the user, depending on the form of payment used.

  11. Cession and subcontracting

    Accounts of registered users are completely personal and non-transferable. Thus, the Supplier may not assign, sub-contract or otherwise dispose of any of the rights and obligations under this contract in favour of a third party without the prior written consent of the other party.

    If the user is duly authorised by dokify to assign or subcontract their account, the user will be liable jointly and severally with regards to the other party regarding the rights and obligations under this contract that are not fulfilled by the new owner.

    If another user that is a dependent of or associated with the user should require the use of the platform, this must be expressly authorised by the dokify, to the extent that it has to have a VAT Registration No. and corporate name different from the user's, even if it belongs to the same group of companies. If appropriate, this new organisation must register as a user of the platform, and must pay the corresponding sum, if it wishes to publish and share documents with other companies.

  12. Confidentiality, security and data protection

    Dokify as a developer and supplier of software solutions under a service system, is aware of the importance of maximum security and confidentiality of personal data and information published on its platform. That is why dokify took the following measures with regard to the compliance of data protection. Both dokify and the platform strictly comply with legal requirements regarding the processing of personal data, with appropriate security measures in respect thereof, subject to an external audit every two years.

    In this sense and to the extent that dokify provides services that entail dealing with files containing personal data owned by the user, dokify is liable as a manager and must ensure users that the processing of personal data is performed in all cases under the following indications:

    1. - That dokify will only process the said data according to user instructions.
    2. - That dokify will only process such data for the proper provision of services expressly specified in this contract and expressly contracted by the user.
    3. - That these shall not be made known, even for preservation purposes, to third parties.
    4. - That once the provision of services has come to an end, dokify will deactivate the user platform and make all the information and files owned by the user available in electronic format. Unless otherwise specified, dokify will not destroy information once the contractual relationship has come to an end, without having previously made this information available to the user.

    Similarly, we inform you that the use of the platform necessarily implies interaction between major companies, contractors and subcontractors of these, and that the main company has access to information and documentation required by the regulations in force regarding the employees of said contractors and subcontractors, for the sole purpose of complying with the requirements of applicable law. Access to such information and documentation does not require explicit consent from the titular of the data, to the extent that it is conducted in compliance with legally established obligations.

    Dokify reserves the right to modify this clause at any time, and its application term is that period indicated by dokify, and if appropriate prior notice to users of such modification shall be made.

  13. Responsibilities

    In accordance with current regulations, we act as mere suppliers of a technological platform for document management and sharing. We accept no responsibility, whether direct or indirect, arising from the misuse that users may make of our platform, website or any of the contents that are published on it.

    Our team of professionals will do its best to ensure that the content hosted on the platform by all users is adjusted to current regulations and that in all cases it complies with the same. However, dokify is not responsible for the accuracy of the documents published and exchanged by users of the platform, this being the sole responsibility of each user. Similarly, dokify is not responsible for the lack of clarity, inconsistency or lack of specificity of information published and exchanged on the platform by users.

    Under no circumstances may dokify, under the provisions of Article 16 of Law 34/2002, be held responsible for the contents published; the user who posted the contents on the platform is solely responsible for these.

    If the user profile is taken over electronically by a third party without the user's authority and therefore the user did not publish the contents, the user must make this known to us and report it to the Security Forces and Bodies so that AlmaGlobal can immediately proceed with a timely investigation. As a precautionary measure, in these cases we proceed to preventively block all accounts involved.

    Under no circumstances will we proceed to carry out a proactive control of all and each one of the contents published on the platform; this is always in accordance with current regulations regarding the responsibilities of Computer Technology Service Providers.

    Dokify is deeply committed to the proper functioning of the service and systems associated with the platform with the highest levels of quality, safety and availability.

    However, as a user you acknowledge that since this is an online platform, which depends directly on third-party service providers (Internet access, hosting providers, etc.) it is not possible to achieve full availability over time, however we inform you that we work daily to ensure that the service is permanently online, ensuring maximum security and availability.

    Under no circumstances will we assume any liability beyond that which obligates us by current legislation and, if appropriate, the judges and authorities in each State in which we act, and in no case exceeding the sum paid by you for the service of the dokify platform.

  14. Termination of contract

    This contract can be terminated whenever any of the following conditions applies:

    1. - Non-compliance with obligations under this contract.
    2. - During the time of the term , provided that either of the parties expressly makes known at least 30 days in advance their willingness not to automatically renew the contract.
    3. - A declaration of bankruptcy by the other party, or the initiation of any such proceeding or equivalent before the competent authorities, and repeated breach of obligations on their part, presented by either party or by any third party.
    4. - If the corresponding sums of money are not paid according to the agreed terms, the service will automatically be cancelled the day after the end of the term. To reactivate it, simply pay the corresponding sum of money.
    5. - Dissolution, liquidation or loss of legal personality of either party.
    6. - Any change or substantial variation in the essential conditions indicated in this contract in order to carry out the conclusion hereof.

    Similarly, for the contract to be fully resolved, the user must pay any pending sums, with no possibility of full resolution without fulfilling this obligation considered essential except as otherwise provided for in this contract. If the distribution agreement is resolved for reasons attributable to the user or third parties outside dokify, the user understands that the sums paid to date will not be returned, since the service has been duly paid.

    If the contract is resolved unilaterally by the user, without duly established and justified cause, the user agrees to pay, if appropriate, as compensation the sums outstanding until the end of current contract between the parties.

  15. Safeguard clause

    All clauses or extremes of these conditions of use should be interpreted independently and autonomously, not affecting other provisions in case one of them has been declared invalid by final judgment or arbitration award. The clause affected is replaced by another or others that preserve the intended effects of the conditions of use.

  16. Dispute resolution

    For any matters of a litigious nature or that concern our website or any of its dependents, Spanish law will apply, being competent for the resolution of all disputes arising out of or related to the use of this website, the Courts of Leganes, Madrid, Spain and, where applicable, consumer arbitration tribunals or similar, which we support, at the time the dispute occurs.

    To submit claims on the use of our services you can contact us by mail at our electronic address or by post at our physical address above; we agree to try to solve the problem according to all available means.

ISO 27.001

The project "Implementation and Certification of ISO 27001:2007 for SMEs in the ICT sector" has been funded by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, within the National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation 2008-2011 and by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), (TSI-020504-2011-32).

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Give us your data and our sales team will attend soon.


Sales service

Give us your data and our sales team will attend soon.

Is this licence for me?

If you have to do a specific job for another company
and have a maximum of 3 items (employees and/or machines)

Here is your licence!

Calculate your Premium Licence

Your Premium Licence = Annual fee + (5,88 € x Number of items)

Number of items Annual fee Fee per item
Maximum 3 items 70,65 € 5,88 €
4 to 20 items 175,56 € 5,88 €
21 to 60 items 291,18 € 5,88 €
Over 60 items 407,86 € 5,88 €

VAT and document validation fees not included, that may apply in the case dokify provides this service.

Your Premium Licence = Annual fee + (5,88 € x Number of items)

Maximum 3 items
Annual fee: 70,65 €
Small company
4 to 20 items
Annual fee: 175,56 €
Medium-sized company
21 to 60 items
Annual fee: 291,18 €
Large company
Over 60 items
Annual fee: 407,86 €

VAT and document validation fees not included, that may apply in the case dokify provides this service.

Number of items = number of employees and machines at your company.