you will be surprised how easy it is to implement dokify

Whether you already have a defined process, or want to redesign it, or you are starting from scratch, automating it with dokify will be very easy for you.

We will configure our platform to adapt to your organisation and way of doing things. It will mean little effort on your part, as we will relieve you from almost all the work.

data collection

You lead us in a way that is more comfortable and suitable to the particular needs of your organisation, structure, headquarters, areas, activities, risks, etc. and our implementation experts work with full flexibility.

auditing / consulting

Once we have all the information, we will analyse it, auditing your procedures to identify the best manner to automate it with dokify. We want the result to be very easy for you and your contractors, so that the implementation, accreditation and subsequent operation is also easy and efficient.


Auditing can generate recommendations for improvement and adjustments to ensure the optimal performance of dokify in your particular case. Our implementation experts will work with you to decide on the final design. If you do not already have a process, you can also hire us for its full development.

parameterisation: your organisation reflected in dokify

Once the analysis is complete and any possible improvements or changes have been addressed, we parameterise our platform. dokify will show your structure in detail and any requirements you have from your companies and external workers.


For this phase we only need you to send a statement to all your contractors informing you that you are going to coordinate your business activities with dokify. From there, our platform sends a registration invitation email to all of them. Our support team proactively contacts your contractors to facilitate fast registration and to ensure that the process is not interrupted at any point.


Upon registration, your contractors will see your document requirements on dokify, the employees and machines that access your work centres will be registered, and the necessary document exchange will take place. Our validation service will review the attached documents. An important part of your contractors will already be previously registered in dokify and will not need to re-upload the documents that are already on our platform.

maximise dokify

dokify is very visual and easy to understand at a glance. This is thanks to colour coding and status indicators, which will be inform you of the compliance of your contractors. If you use access control, in addition to having geolocated all external employees at your facilities, you will make the system work practically on its own.


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Is this licence for me?

If you have to do a specific job for another company
and have a maximum of 3 items (employees and/or machines)

Here is your licence!

Calculate your Premium Licence

Your Premium Licence = Annual fee + (5,5 € x Number of items)

Number of items Annual fee Fee per item
Maximum 3 items 66 € 5,5 €
4 to 20 items 164 € 5,5 €
21 to 60 items 272 € 5,5 €
Over 60 items 381 € 5,5 €

VAT and document validation fees not included, that may apply in the case dokify provides this service.

Your Premium Licence = Annual fee + (5,5 € x Number of items)

Maximum 3 items
Annual fee: 66 €
Small company
4 to 20 items
Annual fee: 164 €
Medium-sized company
21 to 60 items
Annual fee: 272 €
Large company
Over 60 items
Annual fee: 381 €

VAT and document validation fees not included, that may apply in the case dokify provides this service.

Number of items = number of employees and machines at your company.